10 thoughts on “The Cruise

  1. Ines Ines says:

    una bella storia di fantasmi molto scorrevole e trama solida inglese molto semplice, senza paroloni troppo complicati consiglio anche a chi ha un livello di conoscenza quasi media della lingua.

  2. Tom Elder Tom Elder says:

    Anthony Hulse.ThrillerThe Cruise.This book is totally different than the other blood and gore books I have read by this author.Having said that this book is so well written and your transported back and forth between

  3. Empress Reece (Hooked on Books) Empress Reece (Hooked on Books) says:

    Great book Totally not what I was expecting at the end.

  4. Matt Kindell Matt Kindell says:

    Pretty solid horror thriller with some gore thrown in the mix Most of the characters seemed a little interchangeable and not fully fleshed out, but the story is compelling Closer to 3.5 stars than 4.

  5. Martine Carlsson Martine Carlsson says:

    The story is good It s creepy, there s some suspense, gore, a little twist But now it s the second book of A Hulse I read and, though the man can write, I have two major problems with his books 1 The rating too many 5 stars for so few reviews

  6. Angelica Mordant Angelica Mordant says:

    THE GOOD The story was excellent It had a delicious mix of mystery, paranormal, murder, cannibalism, and a bit of gore Not overdone, but enough to make you just grimace then continue with the story This would be a really good movie THE MEH This could h

  7. Megan Megan says:

    This is the second book I have read by this author and I m not completely impressed The beginning was so slow and it took forever to get to the meat of the book There was a lot of repetition that wasn t needed Considering it took me 3 days to read a 400 page bo

  8. Dave D& Dave D& says:

    A selection of odd, yet creepy characters are passengers on this haunting cruise This was excellent and kept me intrigued until the final pages Written at a pace to my liking and with an ingenious plot Be warned This is not one for the squeamish

  9. Diane Diane says:

    well written.

  10. Nancy Hughey Nancy Hughey says:

    I can picture this as a very good movie Good premise, messily written, a quick read.

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